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Strong Bookkeeping ensures accurate and organized financial records, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning. By maintaining meticulous records of transactions, expenses, and revenues, businesses can track their financial health, identify trends, and manage cash flow effectively. This financial clarity not only helps in meeting legal and tax obligations but also aids in budgeting and forecasting, which are critical for sustaining growth and navigating economic fluctuations.

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Our Plans start at 100 transactions per month
  • Initial Setup ($400 Value)
  • Bookkeeping Software ($55 monthly)
  • Monthly/Bi-weekly Bookkeeping
  • Bank/C. Card Reconciliation
  • HST Preparation & Fiing
  • Payroll Services: (In Standard & Complete Plans)
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • 7 Days assistance and support


Most Plans start at 50 transactions or less
  • Initial Setup (Extra)
  • Bookkeeping Software (Extra)
  • Monthly/Bi-weekly Bookkeeping
  • Bank/C. Card Reconciliation (Limited Accounts)
  • HST Preparation & Fiing (Add-On)
  • Payroll Services (Add-On)
  • Annual Financial Statements
  • 7 Days assistance and support

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer both; Monthly Plans and hourly rates. New clients are usually charged hourly rates the time for us to review their books and get them up to date. Because it is impossible for us to determine the state they are in, we start off an hourly rate. This enables us to get their books in order and ensure that everything is entered properly. We then put them onto a monthly plan.

Monthly plans are good ways to know, in advance the amount you have to pay and that the fees you are paying aren’t determined by how quickly or slowly our staff work, but how much work we do.

It depends on whether your books are up to date and what sort of services you would like from us. For instance, do you want us to enter all your invoices, write your cheques, do your bank reconciliations each month, and your GST/HST returns? Very often we need to provide our services on an hourly basis to start with until the books are completely up to date. Then we can work out a monthly package that allows you to accurately budget the cost of your bookkeeping on an ongoing basis.

No. Our Bookkeeping Plans do not include any extra charge for New Client Onboarding or software set-up. We will make sure that your bookkeeping software is ready before we start working on your files.

Yes, we can get you set up and train you on all aspects of using your accounting software package. However, we strongly think that it would be more beneficial for you to spend your time growing your business and let us take care of all your bookkeeping services. You didn’t get into business to do bookkeeping. We did. And in most cases, we are at least twice as fast and accurate as the average business owner and you can be sure that your books will always be up to date, regardless of how busy you get.

Our standard hourly rate is $45 per hour. It is applicable to short term assignments and on-site services. For long term assignments over 20 hours a week, we charge $40 per hour.

Although we communicate with our clients online through our Clients Portal, we store their files and personal information securely using multiple physical storage devises. No cloud storage. This ensures that their sensitive financial data is protected with the highest level of security and is not accessible to external or online threats. Additionally, our systems are regularly updated and compliant with industry standards to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of our client information.

You can transmit your receipts to us easily through our secure on line Clients Portal, where you can upload digital copies directly at anytime. Additionally, we may offer, through one of our partners, a mobile app that allows you to take photos of your receipts and submit them instantly. For those who prefer traditional methods, we can also pickup physical copies from their location, and we will handle the digitization process of their documents.

For security reasons, we do not directly handle the payment of your taxes or bills. We will not request or get access to your bank accounts or credit cards except to download your monthly bank statements through your accounting software in order to reconcile your accounts. However, we will calculate your sales or income taxes and file them for you and remind you to pay them on time.

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