bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping Services

Everything Small Businesses Need

We provide our clients with all the necessary services they need to maintain their books up to date and ensure their businesses comply with the current legislation. We also prepare and send them periodic reports to manage their small businesses and monitor their performance.

Unbeatable Bookkeeping Plans

Our Business Bookkeeping fees are based on the solution we bring to our clients. Based on our experience, the four (4) monthly Bookkeeping Service Plans listed below cover all the standard services needed by most of Small Businesses. The Bookkeeping Service Plans are reviewed with every new client during the Onboarding Process and tailored to his specific needs. Every client knows in advance what he is paying for and when he has to pay it. No surprise and no hesitation to call for assistance, to request an advice or to report a concern. We don’t bill base on time but on the bookkeeping solution we provide.

Income Tax Preparation

Highest Level Of Accuracy

Whether you are employed, self employed or running a small corporation, our Income Tax Preparation team can complete your income tax return and file it on time with the highest level of accuracy you can expect. We are a team of certifiedprofessionals and our Income Tax Preparation Rates are very affordable.

Stress-Free Tax Filing

To make the tax season a stress-free experience for all our clients, we use a secure online collaboration technology. Our clients are no longer required to leave their homes or their businesses and drive to their accountant offices to get their Income Tax Returns prepared. They now can submit all their documents and receive their returns online in confidence  through our secure “Clients Area”.

Pickup And Drop Off Service

To the small business owner and self-employed who subscribe to our Income Tax Preparation service and cannot make it to our office, we offer free pickup and drop off in most urban area of Durham Region and Toronto.

Payroll Processing

A Complete Payroll Solution

Our Payroll Services include all the services needed to comply with the current regulation and the appropriate tools to pay your employees on time.

We will make sure your employees are always paid on time. We will also help you manage their benefits so you can retain the best of them.

Affordable Payroll Processing Rate

Payroll Processing is not included in all the monthly Bookkeeping Service Plans. For Small Business owners who choose plans without Payroll Processing, we will be happy to customize them to meet their needs.